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I decided to make this one for a bit of pure and simple fun. It is a parody inspired by all the gossip surrounding Flappy Bird, its apparently amazing success, its mysterious withdrawal from sale, and the subsequent plethora of clones and parodies it engendered.

I always loved the "Roobarb and Custard" TV series as a kid, and, for this reason, decided to give the bird some teeth. The skater girl character is based on someone far closer to home.

The game starts off very easily to allow you at least some chance of getting past 20. However, those who persevere, will soon see that this game is far from an interminable array of pipes or walls.

With dinky 8-bit loops, bleeps and bloops, you will skate your way to London, to Paris and beyond, pimping yourself up along the way by collecting little stars.

The aim is to skate on as many obstacles as you can without hurting the little birdies. No points gained if you just jump over everything - you must skate on the obstacles, unless, of course, you are avoiding a birdie.

The longer you press, the higher you jump, so a delicate touch is advisable. You can just make out the next obstacle as you are skating on, or avoiding the current one - so plan ahead. And for those of you with a keen eye, you may occasionally notice a rather tongue-in-cheek observation.

The further you go, the more difficult it gets. As the whole game speeds up, and obstacles take on a life of their own as they try to prevent you from getting any further.

Game Center enabled to compare your high scores with your rivals, you will soon discover that this little game is far from an easy ride. Have you got what it takes?

I hope you enjoy it.

Jumpy, jumpy, jump!

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